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a trip to new zealand, meeting keri

I spent a month in nz last winter, cycling, kayaking, hitching around. Spent 3 nights in keri's town (that i will leave unnamed for the sake of her privacy, though it isn't too hard to find if you want to find out).
I corresponded with her prior to departing (aka sent her a letter and gifts), and she was eventually willing to meet me. We spent the evening, talking talking talking, about so many things, had dinner with her friends & neighbours, then went back to her place to talk some more. I left at 2 am, and was invited to meet again the following morning (for suggestions for the remainder of my trip).

I feel secretive and loyal (how could i not, admiring her work as i do) about describing her as a person.
I could see a lot of Kerewin in Keri (obviously), though was warmer than i imagined her to be.
We could not stop talking, and seemed to share a lot of values and interests.

A pretty big life dream was lived, and it has taken me months for it all to register.

I would be happy to elaborate in a more private format, if it interests anyone.
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