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haircutting when wined is not the best of ideas and other words of wisdom

the haircut. oh well. nothing catastrophic (at least i haven't seen the damage yet).

am feeling anti-social at the moment (and yet i grasp lj like a life preserver)

when i was 14 and completely shunned by all, i was told it was because i'm too happy.
then, when the inevitable depression set in (no friends, just abuse...) i was told it was because i'm too sad.
i wonder if those may have been words of wisdom.
when i'm too happy with life, i feel like it's 'cool' to be depressed.
and when i'm depressed, i sure don't feel like it is.
a sense of belonging can sure be evasive.
like when something really great happens in a dream and you grasp it because you know it's a dream and you don't want to let it go when you wake.

i'm neither and both right now. (happy and sad, and dreaming and awake)
i am feeling rather alone. which is ok, but i'm not in the mood.
the demons do have a habit of sneaking up on you when you're alone and vulnerable.

the wine sure has a tendency to put the mirror up in from of you (and your bad haircut)

the mirror really could have been handy behind me when butchering my hair.

i feel like i have invoked Kerewin.
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